bluemuffins (bluemuffins) wrote in thequestionclub,

disability question

I have autism, a brain-tumor and a learning disability, I had an IEP meeting at my college with the Center of Disabilties woman of the college. She said she couldn't do much, she just gave me extra time on tests and a calculator, she said I'd have to go into a Basic math class, but I would get NO credit for it towards graduation and in order to graduate I'd have to get into a higher math class and pass it just like everyone else. I still am required to be in Public Speaking, but I can't make eye-contact and I have panic attacks when I'm in front of people, they get so bad to the point I get so stressed out, I vomit and have convulsions.

She says I could talk to my professors about my disability, but whatever they want to do with me is their buisness and entirely up to them (and the thing is, most professors don't make time for their students, some don't even answer email.)


Is this legal? How would I find out? I feel like I am being discriminated against and cheated. Should I somehow find the dean and talk to him about it? Should I hire a lawyer? What should I do?
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