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So, last night I was told to come over to a friend's house because he had a surprise for me that involved some sort of "business" dealings involving his mother, and while I was a bit apprehensive, given my hatred of being surprised, I agreed, only to find out this "business" was an AMWAY recruiting pitch (and a very enthusiastic one at that!). Now, I should explain a couple things:

1) I am currently in Russia, and people here are desperate for chances to make money (my friend lives with his sister and parents in two rooms in a hostel in a rather unpleasant part of town), and AMWAY has recently come and put up shop, so to speak.

2) My friend's parents are really invested in this AMWAY stuff. They run off to 3-day seminars, buy all kinds of books, buy only AMWAY products, etc., etc.

2) I have no prior knowledge of AMWAY other than name recognition. Basically a blank slate in regards to the company before last night; no positive nor negative feelings.

After listening to what pretty much constituted a veiled attempt at a desperate plea for help, I want to do something to aid them in their quest for a life where they can at least afford to buy pineapple juice in a container instead of saving the juice at the bottom of cans of pineapple because their income together amounts to less than $100 per month. However, even after listening to nothing but praise for the AMWAY way (for 3 hours! IN RUSSIAN!!!), I have serious doubts about the average person's ability to succeed at this game (such as, "If 80% of people say, 'No,' to AMWAY, why? That can't be a good sign."), and I don't want to say, "Sure! I'll join!" if there's some piece of the puzzle I'm missing. This is where you guys come in.

What do you all know about AMWAY?

How do you feel about AMWAY?

Any experiences with AMWAY, AMWAY products, or members?

Thanks in advance!
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