The Light Snarktastic (snarkophagus) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Light Snarktastic

Stupid statutes on the stupid internet.

If you were a statute concerning noise levels and when people have to cut their noise levels at night in Eagan, Minnesota, where the hell on the internet would you be?  I've tried the law databases I'm aware of, and I've tried Google, and all I'm coming up with is articles about how Eagan has sued over the amount of air traffic noise there is.  I want to know about residential noise.

It's after 11:00, so if my neighbor doesn't stop making my apartment rumble and shake with noise in the next five or ten minutes, I'm calling the cops.  I'd still like to know what the legal cutoff time is, and the decibel level, et cetera.

And yes, I will be complaining to the management first thing Monday.  For now, I have to be up at ass o'clock, and would like to be able to sleep.

Grassy ass!
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