Ambiguity (pixsky) wrote in thequestionclub,

A bunch of random questions

1)I need to convert a whole bunch of .M4a files to .Mp3 format, so my sister can play her dubious song collection on her car MP3 sound system, which won't read .M4a. Can anyone recommend some (freeware) programs for doing this?

2)I'm writing one of those wanky postmodern philosophical papers, and I can't remember if there was a philosopher who said reality was all just a text/language/logocentric, or if I dreamed it one night after studying too late/ eating too much cheese. Does anyone here know if such a philosophy exists? If so, who were the major espousers of it? I promise I'm not asking you to do my homework for me, I just need to reference this idea and I want to know which name to put it under.

3)Tomorrow my boyfriend is coming over, probably to break up with me. I also want to bake. What should one bake during/before/after such a time?

4)I bought a birthday present online months ago. We started having troubles the week before his birthday and he decided to get sulky and tell me 'I didn't want to see him on his birthday anyway' (oh so pouty) when I'd already put all my week's pay into the petrol tank, ready to drive over and spend the day making him happy. Birthday was monday. It's been a week. I want to give him his birthday present, especially given that when I bought it, things were rosy and happy. Good idea/bad idea? (present is a three parter, worth approx $90, containing things very specific to his interests)

5. Do you have brothers/sisters? Were you the first to move out of home? How'd that feel, leaving behind your brother/sister/s?
Or, if you were left behind, how was that for you?
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