Predictably Unpredictable (argh4itchytasty) wrote in thequestionclub,
Predictably Unpredictable

"Artsy" people;

What takes you longer to do? Write a story or draw a picture?
[By story I mean short story - max pages 10, and by drawing I mean sketching, outlining, coloring.]
Which do you enjoy more?

My Answer: Drawing takes me longer. I can write a story or essay in minutes, whereas drawing takes me forever.
I hate writing [even though people tell me I write well, but I beg to differ], but I love drawing, though.

edit to ask more questions:
RPGers - Final Fantasy XII: Love it or abhor it? I love it, but it frustrates me money-wise.
What's your current favourite song? The Big Game off the Bully soundtrack.
What internet browser do you use? Mozilla Firefox.
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