the owl & the pussycat (ifancylust) wrote in thequestionclub,
the owl & the pussycat

for the past few years, i've had a lot of trouble sleeping at night. but more recently (the last 6mos or so), the problem has been really..interesting.
what happens is i get tired, go to bed, and then get a really strange feeling. it almost feels like caffeine or a swarm of bugs or something is running through my veins. it makes me feel the need to stretch my limbs, my back, and crack my knuckles. i've tried ignoring it, but doing so makes me feel really uncomfortable and i just have to do it. it's not like i have a ton of energy and feel like running around or anything. it's just restlessness, i guess?
i thought the problem might be ingesting caffeine too close to bedtime, but when i stopped that, the problems still persisted.
what's going on?
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