nowhere man (maccaj) wrote in thequestionclub,
nowhere man

I'm posting this without much hope, cause I think it's one of those "you have to be here" questions, but I'm desperate.

Our kitchen and basement are flooding. The kitchen started flooding near the refrigerator, the basement is flooding via the pipes that lead to the kitchen. There's three inches of water in the kitchen and about 5 in the basement/garage. We've shut off the main valve to the house (which is in the garage), but the water is still on (still comes out when you turn on the faucets, and it's definitely *on*, not just residual what's-still-in-the-pipes on). We've lived here 18 years, but had the house repoed some years ago and our landlord is out of town. Is there some super sekkrit *other* main valve we're missing? We're out of towels, quilts, and pretty much everything else that we could use (don't have a squeegee), and we're getting desperate.
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