julie (yeuxverts) wrote in thequestionclub,

what store did this come from?

my fiance and i got a wedding gift in the mail today from my great great aunt. two things from our dillard's registry and then a huge comforter set that we did not register for, don't need, and don't like. it has the price tag still on it but i can't quite figure out what store it's from. i know i have seen tags like it before though. anyway we are hoping to figure it out so we can return it and get something that we actually need. there is no way we can ask my aunt where it came from because she would flip out if she thought we were going to return it or didn't like it. she will never know because she is around 90 and lives in a nursing home and won't be attending the wedding or ever visiting or anything.

anyway, here's some pictures of the tag. it is a sort of yellow color. who knows where this is from?? thanks tqc!

ETA: Thanks for all the suggestions! There is no Marshalls or Value City or Century 21 (what is that??) near my aunt (in Longview, Texas). BUT I just found some earrings I bought the other day at Burlington Coat Facotry and the tag is a dead-on match. I knew I had seen it before! It is weird to me that all these places have such similar tags! Now I just hope BCF will let me return it...

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