Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

actual conversation (just not in a high school)

Imagine you're in high school, and there's a clot of people talking as they root around in their lockers.

Girl 1: "Oh, I like your hair scrunchie." (This is an actual conversation, it is not my fault she is wearing a scrunchie)
Girl 2: "Thanks, it's my favorite."
Boy: "It is... diaphanous."
Girls: *blinkblink*
Boy: "You have a diaphanous hair scrunchie. I believe no-one has ever said 'You have a diaphanous hair scrunchie' before. I think every time someone says something, except, you know, stock phrases like 'Hello' and 'how are you,' it's the first time anyone's saying that sentence."

At what point in the last paragraph would you develop an overwhelming urge to stuff him in his locker and/or steal his lunch money?
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