head case with a smile (justaminuteaway) wrote in thequestionclub,
head case with a smile

1. So, I have this really young relative - I think he's my third cousin, or second cousin once removed. He's not a year old yet and we knew he was really sick when he was born, but now it's getting worse and they think they're going to try some operation where they take part of an adult's liver and give it to him. So here's the question...

Who are they most likely to ask to donate part of their liver? The side of the family that he's closest to, genitically, are all 30+ and kind of heavy drinkers with a history of weird spine problems that they take medicine for. Our part of the family isn't as genitically close, but we have thanksgiving together (as in, most of us would certainly be willing to give the little guy some liver although we aren't as related or somesuch) - but everyone on this side of the family is 50+ and rarely drink or get sick, except for me. So for a liver transplant situation like this, what are the important things they look for in a donor?

Baisically, I'm just trying to prepare myself if someone asks me to pass the peas, and oh, could I spare some liver? at our Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Have you ever donated an organ or part of an organ to someone else before? Is so, what was it like?
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