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Inspired by an overheard conversation...

Men who make noise during sex.  You know, grunts, the occasional "oh, yeah," and other vocal expressions along those lines.

1.  Guys:  Are you silent during sex?  Brass band loud?  In between?  The one guy involved in the conversation, who looked like he really wanted to be anywhere other than where he was, refused to answer this.

2. And the real question inspired by the conversation, pointed at those who have sex with men:  is it a good thing or a bad thing?  Noise ++, or unnecessary?

What about talking, be it dirty, instructional, requests, whatever?  Yes?  No?  Outside of sex in the library, I mean.

There wasn't a consensus today, in this conversation that took place at my office (...).  One person was griping that her boyfriend hardly even breathes, and a couple of others thought that would be a nice change from what they thought was too much vocalizing.  So, what say you all?
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