daniramdin (daniramdin) wrote in thequestionclub,


Scenario: You have a one night stand with someone that you have been friends with for years. A little while later you find out that you contracted HIV from him.
1.) How would you deal with them if THEY knew but didn't tell you? Or if they didn't know?
2.)Would it be worse to contract HIV from your long-time SO (they didn't necessarily cheat, maybe from blood transfusion) because they didn't tell you or from a stranger who refused to wear a condom (and you obviously weren't smart enough to make them)?
3.) If you found out your partner had it, and they told you before sleeping with you, would you still consider having a relationship with them?

For the ladies:
If you had HIV would you risk getting pregnant, even if there were drugs that could prevent infection of the baby (less than 100% of the time)?
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