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People are so disrepectful sometimes ... why?

Why are people so dramatic? Why can't they just listen to the rules, instead of making an argument where there isn't need for one?

I'm sitting in the computer lab, which is designated as a "quiet zone" and this girl is talking on her cell phone. I didn't pay much attention to it, since I'm not in here for work, but some man politely asked her to go outside and talk since he was writing a paper. In my opinion, he wasn't out of line and he was completely respectful. However, this girl completely ignores him and continues to talk on her cell in a no-phone zone.

The man goes and gets the librarian who asks her to get off the phone. The girls begins to ARGUE with her, when there's clearly no room for argument, and says that she didn't like the way the man asked. Mind you, this man is her elder ... I don't know about you, but I tend to respect my elders. Anyways, she argues with the librarian who explains that the library, and computer lab, are for work and that her, and her two friends, need to stop talking. They continue to talk.

Then, the head librarian comes in and says something about cell phones. The girl then says that she doesn't mind going outside but, again, it was how the man asked. Shouldn't she have went outside in the first place, considering cell phones aren't allowed in the library? After that, she finishes her work and makes a big fuss about packing up, being as loud as she can.

It was just ridiculous.

Seriously. WTF? What is WRONG with this girl?
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