aibell the quene (sheisaeval) wrote in thequestionclub,
aibell the quene

Does anyone have suggestions for a video editing program that meet with the following conditions?

-Works with AVI and MPEG video files
-Can split/crop the videos in specific areas
-Can merge two videos together
-Can add text to the video (word on the bottom of the video while running, and maybe scrolly text at the end) - this is not the most important if it has this feature, it's a plus
-If you can add fancy features like the thing below or anything of that kind, it's a big plus.

Also, does anyone know how to the "3 2 1 action" clock on old TVs, where it's like staticy but with a circle and a number inside the circle, and its countdown slowly with the beep noise after each number is count.

Kinda like this:
But slower, and only 3 numbers, and whole screen is statickyish.

I want to add that to the beginning of a video, but not sure how.
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