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save the cheerleader save the world

1. we're changing the food my dog eats. what does your dog eat? does he like it and is it good for him? if it matters, i have a one year old bichon poodle.

2. there is this movie where this guy hides a gun that was used in a murder. the little boy that lives beside him uses that gun to shoot his dad. the entire movie revolves around finding the boy and the gun or the guy who hid the gun gets killed by the mob leader he is working for. at one point the boy is kidnapped by this crazy pedophile couple in a creepy colorful apartment. the boy is saved by the wife of the guy who hid the gun. what’s the title of this movie?

3. can you be successful without going to college/university? how?

4. for all the old G's. when you were my age (20 turning 21 in 37 days) what were you doing with your life?

5. for the yougin's who are my age (in your twenties) what are you doing with your life?

p.s. thank you for the help. i passed supermario bros. 2. now i wanna play some of those Sonic the Hedgehog games! where can i get them online?
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