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At my current job, whenever I need time off, I have to fill out a form with a reason why the time off is needed. What determines if you can have the time off is: if someone can cover your shift, and the "importance" for why the time off is needed.

Last month I asked off because I was planning to go out of town, and the boss was pretty pissy about it. I tried to explain that the plans weren't definite, but that I wanted to ask off in advance, rather than wait til the last minute. She was pretty rude, asking why I didn't know "for sure" and started inquiring as to why I'd be leaving town. I thought that was pretty intrusive, and I didn't tell her what I planned to do while I was gone.

Is it normal for a boss to ask why you need time off like that? I thought "going out of town" would cover it. She started to ask questions like "Are you going to a wedding or something?" trying to pry the info out of me. Not cool in my opinion.

Basically the questions are: Do you have to do this at your job? Did she cross the line by starting to ask what I was going to do during my time off?

I'm concerned beause the last time I went out of town, I received a call from her asking me if I could come in to work. Annoyed, I told her I was out of town (like I had indicated on my request off form) and that I couldn't come back. I have a feeling that she was trying to find out if I was lying or not.
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