LONDON TIPTON~ (overdrrive) wrote in thequestionclub,

This is so pathetic.
But for those people who use facebook....

This guy added me on fb today. And, he's like redic hot and goodlooking. He's a year older than me and even though he's in a frat, I'm pretty sure I've never met him. So I'm really confused? I would think that since we're "well" into college, you would only add people that you've met/know. Like, I doubt anyone now randomly adds people right now... after 3 months.

Basically, I've never talked to him/met him/seen him around. And I'm just curious to know why he added me. lol I'm not flipping drop-dead-gorgeous.... so yeah? :\

Should I message him? Or something? If so, what should I say?
Except, the pessimest in me is thinking that he has me mistaken with someone else? And that would be so embarassing...
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