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This is probably going to sound pathetic, but i'll go ahead with it.

I really, really want to break up with my boyfriend of a little over 2 years. He's great in all aspects, except he doesn't really seem to be interested in me anymore. When I ask him about it, he responds "what are you talking about?? Of course i am still in love/attracted to you." But his actions prove otherwise. I have found myself seeking attention elsewhere because I do not get it from him, and imagining myself with other people. We haven't even been intimate in over a month and a half, and I find myself not even wanting to anymore. I even feel "wrong" on the occasion that he kisses or touches me. He has been living with me ever since we started dating even though he has his own apartment. Every time I ask him to go to his house so that i can have time alone, he acts offended. This really frustrates me because i feel like he doesnt contribute anything to the household. Several reasons why I am hesitant to break up with him are:
-We have 2 cats together
-I go to a small school. We are in the same major and i have all of the same classes with him.
-I haven't made a whole lot of friends here because we are always together. I am extremely afraid of being lonely.

I started feeling like this about 6 months ago. I wrote him a letter telling him how i felt, but he said he "didn't know what i was talking about" and that i was "being ridiculous"-- and that was the end of it. He seemingly refused to listen to my feelings. Since then, I have become very depressed about the situation and have resorted to being very irritable with him and making a big deal out of every wrong move that he makes.
What has complicated the situation even further is that I have met someone I really like, who is from a different country over the internet (usually not my style, but it just happened.)

I know this is very convoluted, but does anyone have any advice or similar situations? I know what i SHOULD and WANT to do, but I feel so "stuck". help?
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