Nova Persei (nova_persei) wrote in thequestionclub,
Nova Persei

Legal reasons for marriage

1) What are the legal reasons for marriage?

People say "it's just a piece of paper," but I think there are good legal reasons for marriage. I'm just not sure what all the legitimate legal reasons are specifically. Thoughts?

For example, my grandparents were married three times throughout the years. When they were in their late 60s, they decided to marry again solely for legal, medical decisions, social security checks, and of course companionship and taking care of each other (but they had separate bedrooms). Any other good legal reasons? To me (the love and commitment part totally aside), marriage just seems like sooooo much more than a piece of paper.

2) Also, WHY would it be strange for a married couple with a new baby to own two separate houses and occasionally spend time apart in their own homes? Personally, if I were to get married I really wouldn't want to give up my house (which I love) and would like for us to have our own space if we needed it, especially with a baby. Hmmm... Thoughts?

3) Is it really true that the first year or two of marriage with a baby is extremely difficult and most couples break up? How can that be avoided?

4) Do unmarried women with a baby always give the child the father's last name or do they do the hyphen thing with their last name and the father's last name?

*Question #2 EDITED

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