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Another Harry Potter question

Multiple actually:

1. Is one of the pictures on the wall Eric Idle? I've seen Chamber of Secrets twice now and it kinda looks like him... to be more specific, it's the picture that talks to Harry when he's walking up the stairs talking to Ron. (Not a spoiler, HA!)

first off, I haven't read the books, but I am working on the first one now. I just wanted to get that out of the way.

2. Were they trying to set up some sort of... tension or something, between the three kids? What got me thinking of it was the end, when Hermione hugs Harry but shakes Ron's hand. One annoying thing about me, is that I analyze EVERYTHING, especially when it comes to romance. (Annoys the hell out of my boyfriend when I get into the yaoi thing.) Anyway, the second time I watched the movie I picked up on little things that might suggest the boys have a thing for Hermione, and the only other thing that I could plainly see for Ron's case is when he tries to stick up for her in front of Draco. (Slugs anyone?) But Harry was repeatedly touching her hand when she was petrified and he changed her flowers and there were other things I can't remember.

Did they do this on purpose, are they setting up for something later, and is this stuff even adressed in the books? I know there are TONS of HP fanfics out there pairing the three in various ways (and sometimes just pairing the three together at once) but I'm curious about how the author intended it. And YES I plan on reading the books, but as long as it isn't a major super spoiler that will ruin the entire plot for me, don't worry about ruining stuff. ^_^

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