julie (yeuxverts) wrote in thequestionclub,

i need jeans

i KNOW this questions was asked recently, so, i'm sorry. at the time i didn't need new jeans but now i do.

anyway i need some new jeans. i need some jeans that FIT me. at least somewhat. my waist is MUCH smaller than my thighs and backside. i have been wearing an extremely old pair of levi's 515s that i loved but they are just way too big now and today i ripped a huge hole in them, so, yeah. they were size 16. i tried on a new pair of 16s at the store and they were way too big. the 14s i couldn't even fit over my ass at all.

i went to old navy cause i heard their jeans were good. the 16s were so small i couldn't even get them on. so i tried on 18s and they were literally 6 inches too big in the waist but fit okay in the thighs.

i went to lane bryant but the smallest size was 14 and they were way too big on me in all areas.

i like boot cut or flare leg. all the other pants in my closet are size 12 or 14 and fit me fairly well. where do i go? i just need some cute jeans for a party tomorrow night. obviously i'd like to not spend a fortune but i will spend what i have to if i can find some jeans that fit me reasonably well that i can wear for a while.

i know i can always have the waist altered and taken in but like i said, time is of the essence and all.

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