colleen, never to be crowned queen (fallingtopieces) wrote in thequestionclub,
colleen, never to be crowned queen

hey guys. i called a mechanic already and he wouldn't give me a ballpark figure so i'll ask you car-savvy people, if you'd be so kind.

last night, part of my car's exhaust pipe under the middle of the car broke. i'm not driving it, because it'd be dragging on the road. obviously i need to have it fixed, but being as i'm the only person in my family who's working right now and i have expensive brake work impending, i'd just kind of like to know what i'm up against--how much i should set aside in my checking account or whatever. also, how would you get your car to the garage? there's one about two blocks away from me, and one maybe a half mile away.

gah. cars. help, please.
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