Sue (oh_suzie_q) wrote in thequestionclub,

amazing drunken neighbors

EDIT: Thanks kids! I blared music from 7-8:30, screamed at them when I left to walk the dog and when I got back. I leaned on the horn for a few minutes and then tooted it all the way down the driveway. They heard, the whole neighborhood did! The boys came out on the porch and stared at me all confused.

You live in a big old house which has been converted to three apartments. It's a weeknight. You went to bed at 12 as you must get up at 7. Your neighbors wake up you up at 2. You get up and ask them to be quiet. They just offer you beer and continue being loud. You are unable to go back to sleep.

You decide the best revenge is to wait until until 7, and then torment the hungover bastards. What do you yell at them in the morning when THEY are finally asleep?
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