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sleep versus time.

Okay, I've got a dilemma here.

I have to write a paper for my French Cinema class tomorrow. Two pages, double spaced, in French, a theory on one of the two movies we were supposed to have watched. I didn't watch the second one because of no time, and I know the first one well anyway. (Baises volés)

At any rate...I've worked a ton lately, and I'm freaking exhausted. I have a couple of choices.

1. Do the paper tonight, get it done, collapse.
2. Start the paper tonight, finish it tomorrow morning at work when I have two hours on my hands.
3. Go to bed now (7:30), see when I get up, and do it then.

Eh...I'll probably try to start it at least.

Also...I am supposed to be doing a presentation with a girl from my Psych class. I didn't meet up with her to do research one day (I thought my boyfriend was mad at me and I had been crying all day and hormonal, so I didn't want to leave the house) but she hasn't been in class for three weeks (it's a night class). I can't find any info for her on the college directory, AND I had my department head in the office I work at look her up, and she's had ALL of her info blocked, even what classes she's taking, on the admin system. do I track her down? Do I? My professor hasn't heard from her either, and she said that she's had this happen and would adjust for me. I'm not worried about that...but what do I do?

PS--I haven't done much research on the presentation and it's on asexuality, which I'm really not all that interested in. Yikes.
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