Marisa (yeahwellalright) wrote in thequestionclub,

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Audio from a video?

I'm trying to get the audio from this video (I suggest you don't watch it, as it's a horribly loud screaming baby). I downloaded the original Quicktime video and now I'm not sure how to get just the audio. I used to be able to put a Quicktime video into iTunes, right click and tell it to convert to MP3 but now it doesn't seem possible.

Can anyone tell me of a program or simple way to go about getting this audio?

Would anyone be willing to go through the trouble of downloading the clip and retrieving the audio for me? That would be amazing as I really need this audio for a project.

Edit: Problem solved. Thanks so much!

New order of business; what's up with this video!? Who films their kid crying like that? And then just shoves it into the camera when it doesn't stop? Crazy.
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