Tree Since 1895 (2young2love) wrote in thequestionclub,
Tree Since 1895

this is about the very well made film Death Of A President.

1) have you seen this film?
1a) why, why not?

if yes:
how did it make you feel?
are you american? 
do you think it was sick?

if no:
will you see this film?
are you american?
based on tittle/ any summary you have see do you think this movie will go to far?

and finally:
do you vote regularly?

and if you are not american, what country do you reside in?

1) yes, like 3 minutes ago
1a) because i liked the idea.

it made me feel angry in some parts, and kinda made me pity how stupid some americans appear to be.

and im a canuck.
also: i voted for my first time on monday! woohoo, age of majority!

please dont flame me. 
if you think im wrong or something can we please talk like adults?
i mean, it IS livejournal. whats more adult than that?
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