( j a d e d, c y n i c a l, p a r a n o id ) (darkemagick) wrote in thequestionclub,
( j a d e d, c y n i c a l, p a r a n o id )

A little freaked..

So I noticed blood in my pee two hours ago. After freaking out, I drank some water and the subsequent urine was normal. However, I am peeing a lot - I went to the toilet twice in an hour, and each time it was with a full bladder. (But it could be because of the amount of water I drank)

I checked online and it seems like frequent urinating can be a sign of kidney problems - but my question is, how often is too often?

How long is the interval when you have to go to the toilet, usually?

How long should the interval be, for a normal person?

Should I go to a doctor?

EDIT: Answered. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow after I end classes.
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