Put a bird on it. (the_sandra) wrote in thequestionclub,
Put a bird on it.

This question is for all you HTML smarty pants out there...

So, I wanted to save video file to my computer... The video player the file played in was an .swf file so I couldn't right click to get a source for the video. After a bit of playing around I managed to download the .smil file of the video and so I opened that up in notepad and figured I would just get the source url from there and then just save the source file. Well, when I opened the .smil file I didn't see a full source url and instead saw

meta base = " "
And then "blah/blah/filename.flv"

and for the life of me I can't figure out the source url. I've tried everything I can think of... so, my question is what the eff I should do to get the effing url? Anyone?
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