Prose is architecture, and the Baroque is over. (_vanityfair) wrote in thequestionclub,
Prose is architecture, and the Baroque is over.

Okay, I thought it'd be helpful to get the answers from the majority of TQCers since most of you seemed to have some experiences with your exes after your breakups and whatnot.

Put yourself in my position if you care.

Backstory: I was in a serious relationship with this guy for almost 3 years plus we've liked each other for 8 years beforehand. So that means we've had lots of history together. In March 2005, we jointly agreed upon breaking up after realizing that we weren't somewhat compatible for each other, and our relationship ended on a good note. We remained "friends with benefits" till next 7 months at the time he met his current girlfriend, and it also ended on a good note. Then, he and I get in touch with each other as friends through email and IM for less than 5 times this year. Not a long time ago, I've learned that his girlfriend is taking a break from college right now and deciding what to do with herself for the rest of her life and recently moving into the house with him. However, I have no idea how their relationship goes lately. It's hard for me to trust anyone except him, and from what I know, he've never cheated on anyone with anyone else, but I may be mistaken.

What happened is on November 12th at 10 minutes before midnight, I've received a text message from him that says, "Do you ever want to do it again? -(his name)" and in 15 minutes later, another message saying, "Are you awake? -(his name)" It was too late for me to reply right away since I checked on those messages in 2 hours later. As a matter of fact, his birthday is on the 13th, and before this small incident, I planned on texting him to wish him Happy Birthday so I did. And also I asked him what he was trying to ask me; however, unfortunately, no answer yet. That put me into such confusion, if it makes sense. He could've been drunk on that night since he took the day off work for his birthday.

To you, what did he meant by asking to his ex (me), "Do you ever want to do it again?" ??

Thank you!
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