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Do I even make sense?

I've been with my boyfriend for just about three years now. We both have full time jobs now and he's always exhausted. It just seems like neither of us are trying anymore because it's been so long that it just feels like we're supposed to be together. Why bother buying me flowers or taking me out to supper..? (I'm usually taking him out because he rarely has money to spare what with his insurance and bills)

If you knew the whole story it would make more sense as to why I'm complaining. My question is, how do you get someone to start trying again? Like when you could play hard to get and he'd actually try to get you... It's becoming more clear why I flirt with other guys sometimes; just to get some kind of the attention I'm looking for.
It's pathetic. :/

Edit: (added) It's like it's so much of a routine that he does what he wants now because he knows he'll get away with it. I try not to let him get away with it but he'll throw the past in my face. We were 15 for chrissake and this is my first serious relationship and I was trying to change him.. He was everything I wanted but I tried changing little bits to make it that much better.. but I guess he resents me for it and now I won't "change" for him. Ugh.

Flame me all you want.
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