astarlitnight (astarlitnight) wrote in thequestionclub,

My family recently moved into a new house, complete with a brand-spankin'-new smoke alarm system thingie. As I was going to bed tonight, I was thinking about the alarms and how I was glad there was one in my room in case I couldn't hear the one outside. Well... not an hour later, and the alarms are going off. I managed to ignore it for awhile, until my parents rushed in and made sure everyone got out of bed.
There turned out to be no fire, but now I'm jumpy (cause they were really loud!) and I can't go back to sleep cause I'm afraid that they'll go off again and scare the shit out of me again.
But I feel kind of psychic ;-) (I don't really believe in psychicism, but what a crazy coincidence, eh?)
Has anyone else ever had a "premonition" of storts?
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