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Plus/Minus grades?

For those who are in college, or who have gone to college:

Did you school us a plus/minus grading system? (If not, you can probably go ahead and skip the rest of the questions here.)

If Yes:
What do/did you think about it?
Do you feel it has/had a negative or positive affect your GPA?
Any stories to tell?
Where you able convince a Professor to give you a plus/minue grade? (Ex. You had a C- and needed a C?)
What was your plus/minus system like? (I hear some schools don't use plus/minus grades until C, C+, B-, B, B+, A)

For those who transferred using plus/minus grades:
Did you get screwed over when a C- grade didn't transfer?

My school is considering using a plus/minus grading system. I'm on the Academic Committe, and a lot of the faculty were against it. I'm not sure how I feel, and was wondering about your opinions, since I've never had a plus/minus grade.
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