think of me sweetly. (aheadsuretospin) wrote in thequestionclub,
think of me sweetly.

Anyone work in an airport?

In a week, I'm going to be picking up a friend from the El Paso airport. I'm a dorky pet owner and would like to take one of my dogs with me(the one in my icon lol). If it makes a difference, it's going to be around 11pm and I'd only be in the lobby area and baggage claim. I'd be staying away from the restaurants and what not. The dog would be on a leash, he's well trained so he wouldn't be an idiot and I'd have all of his health certificates with me. He's not a small dog, so I couldn't put him in my coat or anything(He's 60 pounds).

Do you think I'd be allowed to or do you think they'd stop and question me about it? Are pets only allowed if they're traveling?
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