Hyperactive Superior Anterior Temporal Gyrus (madscience) wrote in thequestionclub,
Hyperactive Superior Anterior Temporal Gyrus

Random questions

1. Using the word 'leisurely' as an adverb seems wrong to me, but the dictionary says it's OK. Has it always been OK?

2. If you had $44 in your PayPal account, what would you buy?

3. When you're dating someone, do you normally assume that it's an exclusive relationship, i.e., what people used to call "going steady"?

4. Where you live, when the traffic signals change from stop to go, does the opposing going-straight traffic get to go first, or the turning traffic? Where do you live?

2. I already bought a camera bag. I'm thinking about getting a Russian military emblem for my hat, but that'll only be about $10.

3. I've always thought that was the norm. But what the heck do I know?

4. In Indiana, the left-turners always go first. Here in Portland, the straight lanes go first... at least some places. I thought that was really weird.
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