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Better living through pharmacology

Prescription drugs used mainly for ADD/ADHD are becoming more popular as a way to work all night and actually produce something that's not craptastic by increasing a person's ability to concentrate/focus, both on this campus and in other universities. However, using these drugs without consulting an actual doctor or psychiatrist first can have some dangerous effects.

If these drugs can help a normal student reach superhuman levels of concentration (while they tend to simply level the playing field for ADD/ADHD students) and get a lot more work done academically, should neurotypical students be allowed to use them to unleash their fullest potential?

Being an ADDer myself, I'd be really wary of using these medicines on people who don't really need them. My intuition tells me this could lead to a lot of abuse, especially in the current US culture which is urging parents to push their children harder and harder to be academic superstars at increasingly younger ages. I also have this feeling that the neurotypical brain could be overwhelmed by this kind of thing, not already being used to a deficit (however, I'm no neurologist.) People are already using these drugs in this way, though. It concerns me.
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