Sara (peroration) wrote in thequestionclub,

Access question

I'm creating a database in MS Access for my work. I have never touched Access before and have been reading tutorials for the past day or so so I could figure out what to do.

Anyway, does anybody know how to lookup info from one table and autopopulate another table?

I'm trying to get it so the PO date auto-populates in the Invoice form when you type in the PO number.

I'm wanting to create a formula/expression where the default value of the PO date in the Invoice form will look at the PO number in the same form so it can look in the Purchase Order table to find that PO #'s creation date and finally populate the PO date in the Invoice form.

Hopefully that isn't too confusing. So PO date looks at PO number. PO number sifts the Purchase Order table to find the same PO number. Grabs PO creation date from Purchase Order table and brings it back to Invoice table where it populates PO date.

I'm trying to get rid of most human errors and to make it quicker. I know you can do this in Excel and it seems like this should be entirely capable in Access because it's a convenient formula.

*sigh* I like excel so much better though.
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