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The Sims2

hey everyone. i was thinking of uninstalling my sims2 game on my computer then installing it again to start over, like clean slate. but i have one problem

i could have misplaced one or two of the discs that come with the original Sims2, and i want to know how many there are supposed to be. So far i've dug up four discs, are there anymore???

ALSO, do you know of any easier way to start over (ex: the people in the already made towns start off fresh, uneffected by what i've done to them in the past) withought having to uninstall it???


EDIT: ok so i have all the discs, and its asking for an installation code in a white box. i know for a fact its on the manual but i dont have the manual anymore!!!! please, is each code invidvidual, or is it universal? if its universal can someone PLEASE tell me the code!?

a million thank you's to anyone who helps me out!!!
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