Milly (sweet_light) wrote in thequestionclub,

one man's trash.

My brother is a garbage man (and yes we are very proud) and he occasionally gets some very cool stuff for free (because ya know...we are a wasteful country). Last night he stopped over after work and brought me some CDs and a computer program, Creator8, it's basically for burning stuff to CD/DVD. I don't really see a point to having a program for it, I burn CDs just fine without any software....

1. Is there some reason to use software to copy, edit & burn your CDs?

2. Have you ever gone dumpster diving?
  a. what did you find?
  b. do you go often or not?

(BTW, this bunch of goods were from a store that was tossing returns/clearance items, stores throw away a lot of good stuff)
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