Benny Lava (si_infuria) wrote in thequestionclub,
Benny Lava

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1. What is the past tense of troubleshooting? Troubleshot? Is it even a verb, really?

2. Have you ever worked for a large corporate-type company? Did it slowly destroy your soul?

3. On the same note, if you heard someone talking about "corporate propaganda," would you know what they meant? (For the record, it's the useless and meaningless ideologies that companies claim to follow. (Hint: often identifiable by needless capitalization.)

4. How will the Harry Potter series end? I think a piano might just suddenly fall on everyone.

5. How does one get Sallie Mae off their ass? (My SO's student loan has been sent to their vicious collections department. He can't afford the payments because, due to their error, the balance is suddenly much more than it should be. He's sent in the appropriate info/forms for correcting the error, but they're taking their sweet damn time. In the meantime, they're calling 10-15 times a day and it's getting kind of shitty.)
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