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Movie Competition Question

Hi folks,

I've rather bemusingly been contacted by a large movie production company with respect to advertising their film on my web site. I'm mostly bemused because although my site gets a fair few hits, it's still fairly homebrew.

Anyway, aside from that, they want me to run a competition on the site for which they'll provide prizes (I don't want to mention the name of the film for the moment, but it's a fairly major one).

The question for you all though is what competition question do you think would be good fun?

My site has mostly become famous because it hosts a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for another film, so one possible question I was thinking of asking would be for the best question and answer related to said film, which could then be used to create an FAQ. Pros: It feeds into what the site is mostly already about. Cons: It's a bit boring perhaps, and a little hard to judge.

I was also thinking of the best art related to the film. Whether it's hand drawn (and scanned), or done on computer. Pros: It's erm... artistic? Cons: Also a little boring perhaps, and more than a bit exclusive.

Can anyone think of something better?

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