alive (hiding_fromthem) wrote in thequestionclub,

Christmas party games/activities

Every year we have a christmas party at my job.  There's food, music, games, and it's generally a good time.  My direct supervisor decided to make me responsible for coming up with a list of games and activities in which to take part at the party this year. 

 Last year I didn't go because I was out of town but he said it was sort of a dud because all there really was was dodgeball and not everyone wanted or could take part in that.  We have to accomodate to ages 13-65, and just keep everyone entertained, making sure they have fun.  So!

a.  What games/activities would you like for there to be at a christmas party?

b.  What games/activities have you been a part of at parties in recent years?

Thank you very much!
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