Kat (house_of_bone) wrote in thequestionclub,


Hey, anyone good with genealogy?

I'm trying to figure out my relation to someone and I'm confusing the hell out of myself. I apparently don't get the "removed" thing (once removed, twice removed, three times removed, etc.)

I looked at this genealogy.com page that tries to explain it, but I'm just not making the connections correctly.

So, here's the situation-

Person A has two children. We'll call them 1 and 2.
Person A is the great, great, great grandmother of Person B (a descendant of Child 1).
Person A is the great grandmother of Person C (a descendant of Child 2).

What's the official relation between People B and C?
If my figuring is right, B and C are second cousins, four times removed. Sound good?

Julia Carnahan (Person A) had at least two children. Those kids had kids who had kids, etc.
I (Person B) came along from kid 1's line. Julia is my great, great, great grandmother.
Mel Carnahan (Person C) came from kid 2's line. Julia was his great grandmother.

My great grandfather Lewin was Mel Carnahan's second cousin because they both had Julia as a great grandmother. I think?

Did that help at all? Or am I just making EVERYONE confused?

Thanks to anyone who can make me less confused.
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