:) (tin_foil_hat) wrote in thequestionclub,

I just love the bum icon...

If you looked out your window, and you saw someone (not someone you know, just some random person) walking around naked within their own house, what would you think of them?

EDIT: Do you walk around your house naked?
Do you care if anyone sees you?

If I saw someone else walking around naked I would probably watch for a bit, because nakedness amuses me.

I walk around my house naked. It's been over 100F for a few days now, clothes are hot. I'm the highest house around so I don't think i'm visible, except from my bedroom, where i have the blinds closed.

Franky, I don't really care if anyone sees me, I don't WANT them to see me, but if they do... meh. I'm naked, so what? But I don't want anyone to see me & think that I know they can see me because they'd think i was being an exhibitionist and that I thought i was super attractive.
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