a bag of insecurities (bizwac) wrote in thequestionclub,
a bag of insecurities

when at home, do you shut the toilet door when you're in there?
do your parents/siblings etc?

i went to a friends house and their room is next to the toilet. on my way walking there, ARGH! semi-naked friend's dad on the toilet.
and on other occasions he's been standing up peeing wwith the door open. Her sister has also had the door open.
i was talkng with my friends about it, and it seems it's kind of common practice.

also, apparently my friends' family come in when they're having a shower, to ask them something, just have a chat or brush their teeth. it's not just one friend. several of them are like this. and it's weird because even though my friends are a bit uncomfortable (being adolescent girls... uno, developing and whatnot), the family is fine with barging in on their nakedness.
i'd be like ARGH GET OUT WHEN I'M NAKED!!!!
STOP WATCHING ME PEE AND CRAP! (in the toilet, not the shower)

what's your situation?
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