Bethany (muliebrity) wrote in thequestionclub,

school woes

I applied for an internship and my LORs are due tomorrow. I'm fairly certain that my adviser, who said she had written a letter, never got around to sending it (if she wrote it at all). She hasn't responded to any of my phone/email messages about it all week. I even offered to pick it up from her and hand deliver it, but never heard back. I can call Monday and see if my LOR from her made it in, but by then it would be too late unless they're willing to make an exception.
Is there anything I can do, or am I just screwed here? I know I should have tracked my adviser down in person, but my grandmother died this week, and I spent all my free time at the hospital before she died and with my family/at the funeral home after. Given how frequently people use the "dead grandma" card to get out of stuff, I'm not even sure there's any point in mentioning it as a mitigating factor. Thoughts?
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