Francis the Talking Mule (zipzilla) wrote in thequestionclub,
Francis the Talking Mule

1. Do you watch foreign movies? (of course it depends on where you are from as to what is foreign to you)
2. If so, do you have a favorite country as far as movies go?
3. I'm guessing most people that do watch movies with languages that they don't speak watch with subtitles not dubbed but how about you?
4. For those that use subtitles, do you on anime also or do you just dub those?
5. Favorite foreign movie? (always looking for recommendations)
6. If you don't watch foreign movies, why not?

1.  yes
2. not sure, watch tons of Japanese films, but love movies from all over
3. subtitles
4. subtitles
5. So many favorites! It'd be hard to choose but some of them are -Ichi the Killer, All About My Mother, City of the Lost Children, La Strada, Even Dwarfs Started Small, Autumn Spring

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