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Anyone out there have Stephen E. Lucas's The Art of Public Speaking, 9th Edition? EDIT - I've got a taker! Thanks, guys. :)

For my speech class I had to put together a powerpoint presentation for chapter 7. No biggie. I got it done and just realized I have the 8th edition. I'm fairly certain that the text hasn't changed THAT much, but I'd have a lot more peace of mind if someone could skim it right quick and make sure the bullet points match with the text.

Please comment with your email address if you're willing to give it a one-over, or email me at if you're not comfortable posting your email address here.

So that this isn't completely self-serving: What the crap is wrong with people who bring BABIES into COLLEGE LIBRARIES and refuse to leave when said baby starts making a bunch of noise? Do they not realize people are trying to get WORK done?!

Can you tell I get really grumpy when I'm sick?
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