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I know there was a drama-tastic post about "OMFG killing teh bay-beees!!11!" a while ago, but I assure you this hypothetical question involves a different setup, and I'm fairly certain that skylark guy is long gone...
I happened to catch an interesting hypothetical question on the radio today while on the bus to class. Here's the situation:

You are in a city which has been decimated by war. The city's last defenses have fallen, and you and a group of other refugees have taken refuge in a house in a hidden room beneath the floor boards. The enemy troops are storming the city in search of civilians to execute. You can hear a few troops as they open the front door. At the same time, a baby in the group you're hiding with begins to get upset and is about to start wailing. If the troops hear the baby, they will find you (and everyone else) and kill you. The only way to survive is to smother the infant. Do you kill the baby or not? Assume that the caretaker/parent will allow you to kill the infant if you choose to do so.
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