Merry (pridian) wrote in thequestionclub,

Is there a word you don't believe in?

It sounds weird, I know.

So far, I only have two words that I don't believe in anymore.

Soul - look up the definition at the first three definitions have the word 'human' in each of them. And if that's the only way soul can be defined and I think that's wrong, why should I believe in it?

Sorry - this actually started earlier this week. I was in class and we were getting our desks back in rows after a project and a person next to me slammed their desk into my foot and apparently they didn't noticed because they didn't say anything. I waited for a bit for her to say "sorry" but then I got to thinking what does it matter? She wouldn't mean it. It's just like bumping into a stranger. I personally don't care how other people see me so if I bump into them, I don't say I'm sorry because if I don't know them, chances are I never will. So really minor stuff, people only say sorry for social acceptance and not the actual definition. Why would they feel bad for a person they don't know? As for major things that really hurt people. Why ask for forgiveness for blind passion? You can never take back blind passion! Don't apologize because it's already said and done. The person could say "It's ok" or something like that, but they won't mean it. They'll brood over it and hold a grudge against you until they're too tired to do it anymore.

So really, what's the point of sorry?
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