stayintru2me (stayintru2me) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. What music player do you use on your computer?
2. What playlists do you have set up?
3. Do you use your smart playlists?
4. What's your favorite playlist? Why?

ETA Smart playlists are playlists that the program makes for you based on certain criteria. For example, you create a playlist for all song with a playcount of "0" and the program updates the playlist as old songs are listened to and new songs are added. At least that's how it works in iTunes. :-)

1. iTunes

2. my Driving Mix & the Unplayed Driving Mix (the same playlist but only the songs with a "0" playcount.) All Unplayed songs. Recently Added Songs. The Top 25 Played songs. A Mix of my favorite female artists. Songs that my roommates and I sing along to. My various playlists for my show on my college radio station. My Holiday music and my list of rated songs which are usually rated to be deleted.

3. Yes. They make my unplayed lists and my top 25 lists and the similar ones. Plus I use the comments to make up my Driving playlists.

4. My favorite right now is my female artists mix because I just made it this afternoon. It wasn't really intended to be a female artists mix, it just happened that all the songs I wanted to hear were from female artists.
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